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Useful Web Design Tools

When building something such as a house or a car, people use certain specialised tools according to their needs. A house can be built by various materials for example, wood and bricks. A house built by cement and bricks has far more strength than a house built by wood. So, what you use and implement matters in everything that you are building. It governs everything about your product. Now to build something we require a certain set of tools. A specific tool is designed to do a specific job perfectly. Such as a hammer or screw driver. You can’t put screws with a hammer and vice versa. Every tool requires a certain set of skills without them all your efforts would be useless.
In terms of web development many kinds of software exist that are essential virtual tools that help create your website. It is essential for the web developer, after he recognizes what he is creating, to choose a certain and specific tool that helps him create the website. Meanwhile it saves time and minimalizes the chances of mistakes. How? These virtual tools contained pre-defined set of functionalities from which the developer can choose and employ in his website. This helps in decreasing the amount of code too.

Following are some popularly used web design tools we use in our freelance web designer singapore.

  1. Color Wizard:
    Color wizard as the name indicates provides its user with a set of specific and accurate color scheme. As you may know that you have to write a specific code or number like “#AE4E44” to employ a color in your website. Now its clearly hard to remember these color codes and you might misplace a digit and it would result in a different color. With Color Wizard there is no room for this kind of mistake and it also provides you with different shades and schemes of the same color that you have selected and its digital code or value.
    With the invention of portable devices with web access a diversity has been created. Every Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop and PDA computer have their own unique screen size and the web page needs to be adjusted effectively to display all the content into the screen. So that even though you have a smaller screen you don’t miss out on the information. What FITTEXT does is that it, according to the interface that the user is using, adjusts the content effectively. Like page headlines, subheadings, important information and pictures by adjusting font size and pixel size etc.
  3. Adobe Dreamweaver:

Dreamweaver developed by adobe is a software that helps write code for web development most basically HTML. It is an interface on which you can develop your site and also have side by side view of what your instructions are implementing. It is a complex approach to develop websites that creates ease for developers and save time. It comes with many ready-made templates that you can use to create a site in literally 5 minutes. You can also edit the page and it will automatically change instructions in the HTML code area. It is a great tool for web designers.