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User Experience Design or simply UX is the process of enhancing the pleasure in accessibility, interaction and efficiency, between a user and its product. In simple words it’s the process of collection of activities that create an experience for users when using their products, primarily at their digital devices. UX is an essential and crucial part to almost every virtual product like Android applications, Windows applications, iOS Applications and Webpages have a UX design. Now the question that arises here is “Why UX is so important?” UX is as important as the visual identity of a product speaking in terms of design.

You may design a really good looking, complex and informative website but it won’t be of any use, if its users can’t interact with it easily and if they don’t enjoy their interaction with your website. It may not matter that much to android or windows applications, but it matters a lot to websites. Especially to complex sites that manage a lot of content for example, sites that manage online sales like or These sites manage hundreds and thousands of products and sales every day. They accomplish it by using a highly organized UX design which lets its users to View, Search, Locate and buy one or multiple products at a single time. UX design is basically the management of content and functionality of a virtual product.

As UX design is crucial for a business. It sometimes helps websites to realize the needs of their audience and then help them take effective measures to fulfill those needs. This happens through taking opinions and surveys which you may have noticed at some point in browsing the internet. Moreover, a good UX design helps you save money. How? Well, If you design a really good and effective UX design, it will make a lasting impression on your visitors/buyers. That will promote its name and effectiveness. You’ll need to spend less money doing promotions and SEO and invest that into expanding your business

So, in order to create a good UX and make it help you promote your freelance web designer singapore, sales, impressions and popularity, you need to understand the precise needs of your audience. You need to be flexible in adapting to things and letting things go. What you love, your audience may hate and you may hate what your audience loves. UX design is a vast subject. It has many more detailed sub branches that make it a proper discipline to study. It can be sometimes tricky for one person to understand and learn.