The website content can include some texts intended to be search-engine optimized and can include some visual materials. In fact, visual materials are critical for several businesses especially those that present objects to acquire or based on the animated scenes. These types of websites can opt for including video clips or including animated Gifs. Actually, each option has some advantages to offer.

About visual materials or media files:
Visual materials or media files, especially animated media, are important because they replace a long descriptive text. In fact, when telling a story, animated media can transmit the message easier because they incorporate all essential elements of the story; you can see the scenery, the characters, and the decoration. Describing the same scene would require a separate description and therefore a number of paragraphs. Technically, media files are made of a succession of displayed frames at a particular pace to produce the desired animation.
Video clip files:
Video files are particular because they support a substantial amount of color; they can be mixed to audio streaming and there is the possibility controlling the playback. In other words, video files are flexible and can easily be stopped, paused, and muted if the users wish to.
The problem with the video clip that they need to be embedded in association with a specific player. The player would load then display the file. This can expose the website to several threats mainly those that profit the loading time to emit malicious requests in hope of a positive response from the server.

Animated Gifs Files:
Animated Gifs, instead, load once and they are unsusceptible to allowing the malicious requests unless they are associated with an active link. They do not need a particular plug-in to be played; they are themselves an executable and very similar file to the image files; undeniably, Gif signifies Graphic Interchange Format. The frames’ sequence is compressed in one frame and the playback is preserved.
But users can’t control the playback; it means they can’t stop or pause the playback; there is no sound support and the Gifs files are all mute. The biggest problem with the Gifs animated files are:
– Very limited color support.
– Excessive weight in comparison with video files of the same content.
When is one preferred to the other?
Video clips are more suitable for relatively long sequences and when there is a need for some sound effects. For short sequences, like those called emoticons and smileys, animated Gifs are the best choice because they are treated as a simple image file.
Each media file has its properties and has its application field where it excels all the others. The animated Gifs have poor color support but do not require specific mug-ins to be played; video can support sounds and are lighter than Gifs. When it is about very short sequences, Gifs are more practical. In this context, the main topic of the website is the sole directive for the use of this type or the other.