Visual materials are important when it comes to creating trust bonds with visitors. Usually, including an image within the text has a great impact on the way the “eye” would hover the content. Actually, a well selected and edited image is worth a long sentence. It saves time and indeed tells more than the text. A movie clip is also a powerful way to display convincing arguments or evidence about something. But by definition, these elements have lots of details and therefore they are heavy materials to include within pages. The trick is to try to balance the importance against the impacts.


Visual materials attributes:

Visual materials include graphic and video files. Format and size are the main attributes of a visual material file. Actually, the format is a compression protocol that helps to encode the details in codes that will be interpreted by the machine and then displayed. The compression protocol impacts the resolution and therefore impacts the file size. Each format has several properties, but there are some that have very particular properties :

– Gif: the only graphics format that can be animated.

– PNG: a format that can preserve transparency.


Importance of visual materials in web design :

Visual materials are important when it is about marketing strategies. Aso, the website content may be reduced to some graphic elements or some animations which that carry the whole message, added to that few lines of comments. Visual materials can also create an appreciated contrast within pages; the way to distract and relax human eyes.

Generally, Human psychology is likely to be influenced by visible objects. Indeed, displaying the object saves hundreds of lines of description; triggering emotions is the result of witnessing similar emotions or watching emotional scenes. Marketers are usually focusing on that part since customers tend to decide by emotion.

Visual materials side effects :

Visual materials are really important but they can cause some issues. In fact, The content resolution increases file size; file size is a factor that can slow websites and can, therefore, threaten websites speed. Reducing file size can, on the other hand, affect resolution and the message won’t be transmitted properly.  Balancing the size/resolution bound is a challenge that a web designer in a web design agency Singapore company has to win.

Tricks to balance size/resolution :

The genius trick of using thumbnails is very efficient. In fact, you don’t have to load the file but load a preview. Then, making this preview clickable with loading the original file as result. This saves users valuable seconds. This trick is more efficient when using optimized materials; for instance, using compressed files and implementing very light players can achieve the best results.



Reality is, there is no profit without risks. There is always some price to pay for obtaining the desired results. In this direction, web designers and web developers are in a continuous race against time; they are always coming up with solutions in order to optimize their productions to keep up with the technological outbreaks.