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Website creation consists of two main parts:

  • Creating the layout.
  • Filling with content.

Many make the mistake of not giving much interest to the content and they focus on coding the layout instead. The fact is, the content also obeys several rules in order to complete the efficiency of the design. Actually, the filling texts and the visual materials have to be catchy in an appearance before they would be in meaning; they should captivate the eyes and have them to focus on what they are conveying.

The content of the website:

The website content is all that is contained within the web pages and accessible to users. This includes texts and media (visual and audible). Everything should be harmonious and homogenous. Users are therefore offered a content that completes the layout; equally, users like and appreciate the layout that makes the content more useful and accessible. The written content is somehow very important because it contains descriptions, feedbacks, messages, and alerts that complete the others fillers. The written content can be the ultimate guide for users as they are browsing the website.

Content v.s. Layout:

Freelance web designer singapore have always the challenge of “what to create first” in mind when they are asked to produce a website. Actually, there are two options:

  • A website is created first.
  • Content is created first.

The first option may create a real conflict between the content to add and the ready layout. According to the main idea of the website, the content can be unfit to the layout and therefore, the website can be a fail since it won’t have enough popularity.

The second option allows the web designer to create a layout that fits the content. This task seems to be easier since the content would give more details for the designers to exploit in the process of designing the layout.

Web content impacts:

Web content impacts the site popularity. First of all, it has a very big influence on the layout; the codes are to be optimized in order to obtain the best attributes versus browsers.

The web content can influence the ergonomics and therefore influence the browsing session.

The content load is a factor that can determine the loading speed; it is important to opt for a design that can deal with the volume by fragmenting it over several pages.

The final impact is the SEO ranking; which is indeed affected by all the previous factors.


Creating the web content is critical. Viewing all the impacts it can have on the web design process and the website longevity, the web content creation should be more respected and more cherished. Yet there are several ways to create a high-quality content; recruiting professionals to do the task is the best option.