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Web design and photoshop go way back in the early days. Some of you may be familiar with photoshop. Photoshop is a software that is used for editing and sometimes creating images. Back in the day the use of photoshop was diminished because of CSS. CSS provided colour gradients, font typing, styles minimal design templates and CSS was easy and precise to use and didn’t share the same level of complexity as Photoshop. That too because maybe photoshop, even back then was very complex and the webpages were basic, that is where CSS came into play and rolled Photoshop out.

As time passed and webpages became capable of withholding more complex graphics, it now seems that use of photoshop may play a better role in graphic designing of a webpage. Overtime as webpages have developed Photoshop has also gotten some serious and useful updates. Although it is still complex for people to understand than CSS, it provides a relatively large room for creativity for freelance web designer singapore.

Using photoshop for all your graphic designs on your webpage is a risky thought. It may not be able to cover every bit of your needs. In that case it is better we use CSS alongside photoshop. Following are some ways you can use photoshop to create some of your graphics:

  1. Getting the mood:
    Creating boards, sketch boards or artboards is the one step that can’t be done on the web browser. This can be perfectly handled by photoshop. You can create a mood board and get all your ideas in one place to create the perfect feel according to the likes of your webpage and then attach the file to it.


  1. Style Tiles:
    Style tiles are specific, iconic and original graphic design that represent a brand visually. (e.g Facebook, Spotify, YouTube) These contain high res logos, color schemes, images, vector resolutions etc. These can be created perfectly in Photoshop and can be readily manipulated and are way more creative and high quality than CSS.


  1. Background Images:
    Background images are an essential element in graphic design. Sure, CSS can create some pretty awesome backgrounds containing patterns and stuff but Photoshop takes it to a next level. With the incorporation of Vector images and better pixilation photoshop delivers a much better output than CSS and is preferred.


  1. Basic tools:
    CSS lacks basic tools and a workspace that photoshop provides. Like drawing lines or drawing with hand using a virtual pen. For artists that like natural art photoshop is a great element for them. It creates real time artworks that can be readily attached or uploaded to the site. Where as in CSS it is quite difficult.

Along photoshop you can also use other software like Adobe Illustrator focused on vector art or InDesign.