Web design is crucial when it comes to offering excellent browsing experience to the website visitors. Website visitors will not be interested in checking out a website with bad design, and they will not spend enough time on site and leave early. The bounce rate will affect the ranking of the website on the search engine negatively. Many designers make common mistakes that affect the website negatively. Let’s take a look at some web design mistakes that are turning away potential heavy traffics from your website.


A look at some web design mistakes:

  1. Many websites don’t realize the importance of responsive web design and this is one of the biggest mistakes that many designers and businesses make for websites. Although this is a popular trend and an industry standard, around half of businesses don’t opt for responsive web design for their websites. If a business doesn’t opt for mobile-friendly web design, it will definitely affect them negatively in the future as the numbers of mobile web visitors are increasing rapidly.
  2. Selecting the right typography according to the business niche is important. Not selecting the right one is another mistake that many web designers make. It is important the right font size and type is selected as it determines if the web visitor can read the content properly. If the reader cannot read the content in the first place, it will negatively affect the website traffic as prospective web visitors will not be interested in checking out the website as it will not attract their attention.
  3. Many website designers don’t pay attention to the website loading time when designing the website. Cramming the website with unnecessary design may seem tempting, but it will increase the loading time of the website. Website visitors will not be interested in checking out a website further that takes a lot of time. In recent times, the ideal website loading time should be within a few seconds; otherwise, it affects the website traffic negatively by decreasing it.
  4. Many designers don’t put enough importance of simple navigation. This is one of the causes of reduced website traffic. The elements should be easy to click and allow the website visitors with an excellent browsing experience. The website visitors shouldn’t be left guessing where to click next when it comes to navigation. The website menu should be labeled.
  5. Another mistake that many designers make is not emphasising on a strong call to action when designing a website. This leads to a negative consequence of decreased website traffic. Without a strong call to action, it is extremely difficult for any website visitor to decide what to do next on the website. This is why web designers should make sure to add a strong call to action to every web page.
  6. One should never use duplicate web contents as this will hamper the overall ranking of the website and reduce web traffic. It is best to hire a professional web content writer to get interesting and original contents for the website.