How big is your dream to make it in Web Design? Perhaps, you feel it is too hard for you to get started? Well, this article will help you to get the simplicity of web design. Web design has been simplified for you.

If your dream to make it in Web Design is still alive, then you need to know two major aspects of Web Design. The first aspect of Web Design is known as Front-end development. This is also called the Client-end development.

When you hear of front-end development, this refers to the coding of a websites with programs that make the sites created accessible by clients without any challenges. In this type of web design developers ensure that programs such as HTML, CSS, Java and many more are used to build sites that clients or users can easily interact with.

In addition to front-end development, the other side of web development is what is known as the back-end development. This type or side of web development is named the server-side development as well.

Furthermore, back-end development operates on three main branches namely server, application and database. And three branches work as one. One of the prominent responsibilities of back-end development involves that of keeping in check all the operations of the websites created by making sure that all necessary maintenance is well done for the effectiveness of the sites created.

Just like it is in the case of front-end, back-end development is also developed using certain programs. Such programs used in coding the back-end development include Ruby on Trails, PHP, SQL, Python and others.

It is such programs, especially Ruby on Trails as well as Python that are used to carry out data calculations and business logics. In addition, such programs are also used in setting up what are known as dynamic websites.

In simple terms, dynamic websites are those websites where any necessary changes can be undertaken to any data stored. Examples of such websites include most of the social media platforms such as Facebook.


In conclusion, you don’t need to continue worrying about how web design can be undertaken successfully. But it is very important to understand that web design is basically divided into two major parts, which include the front-end and the back-end developments. Not only that, but developers should also know about the various programs used to build the two types or parts of web development.