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Throughout the ages so much has been done to help bring the world closer to people, as close as to their door step. And one of the powerful tools employed to bring about this reality is Web Design. Therefore, this piece of writing will uncover something you didn’t know about Web Design.


You might be wondering what this Web Design is all about. But hey! Worry no more, because Web Design refers to the process employed in web development for website creation, whose focus is centered on aesthetic factors such as the layout, user interface as well as many more visual factors i.e. Imagery that make the website more attractive and more appealing in appearance and user friendliness.


In Web Designing it is important for designers to ensure that they have the audience or target group in mind throughout the whole process of web creation. Not only that, but in order to come up with a web design that will stand-out designers also ought to have clear goals or purpose the website to be created will have and it must have strong visual attraction for the whole design.


In order to get the best web designs the designers use a number of tools and programs, and these may include Dreamweaver, Photoshop and many more.


In Web Designing a good number of websites are designed through the use of a language that is coded and is referred to as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). This means that the only way a website will be successfully displayed on the browser of a client, is by having it setup in accordance with HTML rules. Thus, it is the tags of this coded language that enable the identification of the content of a website for every page.


Now, after the website is coded in line with the HTML rules, the Cascading Style Sheets referred to as CSS is then applied in defining the overall visual appearance that each page will have. Meanwhile, hand coding can prove challenging for some designers, hence they tend to go for other programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver.


In addition, CSS is the acceptable language or standard that gives a description of the format for Markup Language pages. With the help of this program designers can easily separate visual elements and the content in order to have better control of the page, with the help of a link in the file for HTML onto which the CSS file is attached normally.


Meanwhile, in most cases the story about Web Design cannot go by without talking about WordPress. This is one of the most widely used programs as a Content Management System (CMS). This means that when a website is created with the help of WordPress, writing, editing and publishing content on the web is made easier.


Lastly, it is also important to note that in web development ReactJS is also one the useful tools used to control all views of an application for any web or mobile app. With the help of ReactJS developers are allowed to make web applications that enable the users to change data without reloading the page. In addition, developers are privileged to reuse UI components using ReactJS.


In conclusion, Web Design is a special art which developers can use to develop outstanding websites by incorporating various programs such as HTML, CSS, WordPress, and ReactJS among others. See? It is that simple, you better get to work now.