Hey! Has Web Design been like a fantasy to you, because you have no idea what this is all about? If you are reading this now, Web Design just got unleashed for you. Let’s explore this together as you read on.

In its simplicity, Web Design can be explained as the overall process that designer employ in web development, which include that of creating a website. It is by using this process that designers are able to design the specific layouts, user interfaces as well as the visual appearance of the website by making it very attractive and appealing.

Meanwhile, it is every designer’s task to unsure that as the website is being designed, it ought to be very appealing. As a result, the targeted users are always on the designer’s mind, it is also the duty of every designer to clearly define the purpose a particular website will be serving once established.

However, getting a website established is not always an easy task due to a number of programs designers must gather and put together to get the site running. Examples of such programs that help to make the work easier include Photoshop, Dreamweaver and many more.

In order to fully function, a website is also supposed to be coded using a special program referred to as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). By coding your website with this program, following all the rules, identification of the content for each page is a guarantee since the HTML’s tags are involved in this process. Not only that, but HTML also allows the website to be successfully displayed on the client’s browser.

Other useful programs of Web Design include Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) whose function is to spearhead all views for mobile and web apps; while at the same time the program works in describing the acceptable format for Markup Language. Lastly, the CSS program is also used to bring about the visual elements and content separation on the website for better management of the pages.
In web designing, you must also get familiar with WordPress, a program most designers use as a Content Management System (CMS). In content management, WordPress is used as a tool for writing, editing and publishing website content.

The journey of Web Design would never be completely told without the mention of ReactJS. This program allows the designers to create apps that have capacity to help users edit any data without having to reload the page. In addition, ReactJS is helpful when it comes to all application views of mobile as well as web apps. And the UI components remain usable.

In conclusion, Web Design is a very interesting art that can be well mastered, especially when programs such as CSS, WordPress, HTML and ReactJS are involved in the projects of website designing. Surely, there is no doubt this will work for you as you apply this knowledge in that Web Design project.