If you have already come across the terms web designer and web developer, you will find that many people tend to get easily confused. You may also find people using both the titles together to their prospective clients. So, what are the differences and similarities between these two terms? Let’s take a look at these two terms in the following paragraphs.

A look at web designer vs. web developer:

  • A web designer is a person who uses different software to manipulate graphics to create a visual for the website. The website design is integrated with coding to create the visuals and make the website look interactive. Many says it is unnecessary for a freelance web designer Singapore to know to code, but in most cases, it is advised to know HTML and CSS and other coding languages to make the work smooth when designing a website. Also, the web designer needs to know and merge the right scheme of colours, suitable typography, better layout, and suitable elements together for a visually appealing look for any website. A web designer can work as a freelance or as a part of a large team to complete projects. A lot of creativity is required for a web designer, and a web designer will have a work portfolio to showcase the work.
  • While there may be some overlap between the job of web developer and web designer, a web developer must know many of the coding languages as they create the foundation of a website. Some of the common coding languages are JavaScript, HTML, CSS and jQuery etc. There are 3 different options for web developer and these are Front end developer, Backend developer and Full-stack developer. This job requires both technical and design knowledge when creating a website. A web developer also requires a portfolio when looking for jobs.

Both the jobs have one job to complete despite the differences between their job roles. Both the development and the website design go in hand with hand together and they both need to be done properly to make a website function smoothly.

In the recent times, it is not uncommon to come across web designers who are learning and applying various coding languages when working and web developers are emphasizing in learning the theory of design.

One can become both web designer and web developer and this is because the extra skills make one in demand to the prospective clients. Also, clients are more interested in hiring someone as such because they don’t need to look for a web developer and web designer separately and this tends to save a lot of time. Also, for the person who is equally skilled in both web design and development will also be able to earn greater than their counterparts who are only skilled in one of the skills.

One can easily start out with one of the branches at the beginning of the career and later on learn the other skill during the career for better career progression.