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No web designers out there are perfect when designing websites. Many make common and silly mistakes when designing. Some mistakes may not be too serious, while there are some mistakes that can cost a lot. To get the best out of the designs, one should know what important things they are missing out, so let’s take a look at these in brief.


Things that web designers miss out when designing website:

  1. Many web designers miss out to set up Google Analytics. Even if it may not be considered as a necessity for a website, but considering the advantages, it is best to set up this one of the best software programs for analytics. This software program will give you an idea of how many website visitors are visiting the website on a daily basis, daily page views, and other data, which will help to increase the web traffic to the website.
  2. Many web designers simply launch the website online as soon as they are done with the design work. This leads to the website to miss the opportunity to give the best user experience to the website visitors. In this case, the website designer should test the website on various browsers to make sure that the website is performing properly. Not all website visitors will use the same browser to browse the website and all visitors should get the best experience.
  3. Many web designers skip on Meta descriptions. As Meta description categorized under SEO, they are quite important. Search engines can easily look for a website by using the description of the short Meta description, which is also displayed when the particular keyword(s) are typed by the website visitors.
  4. Many web designers don’t give enough importance to check if there are any broken links. This should be always checked before launching of the website. Although it isn’t quite easy to set up the broken links, a web designer can easily create a 404- error page, so that the prospective website visitors know that the page is no longer available.
  5. There are some web designers, who skip adding of a site map. It is important to add it to any website as it helps the site to index it with search engines. When a site is indexed with search engines, it helps to get increasing web traffic. This helps to improve the ranking of the website and this helps the website to be successful.
  6. Many designers don’t get the HTML codes checked by themselves or by web developers. If the coding is not done properly, it will cause an issue later on.
  7. There are some web designers who miss out on a great design only because they end up adding a lot of graphics [for example, images, videos, and animated gifs etc.] thinking that it would make the website look more interesting. But, this is a wrong idea to follow. Web visitors aren’t interested in a website that looks cluttered and untidy. Web designers should use relevant graphics according to the content.