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Essentially contributed WordPress popularity, which drive nearly 27% of the whole internet, PHP has also gained popularity among programming language globally. Indeed, 80% of website is driven by PHP, including well know site such as Facebook and Wikipedia.

The recent edition of PHP, version 7, was launched in 2015 and most astonishing it outdid its forerunners. Although it the latest version, there are deliberate evolution for mainstream website. About 90% of website driven by WordPress are still operating with the outdated version of PHP.

Firstly, PHP just like WordPress is a free to use programming language. Secondly, the language is a server-side user interface design language. That implies, it is sorted out on the device whose hard drive it placed on. That is a unique features that is not available in other programming language such as JavaScript.

On the other hand, any problem that lead to lower site performance due to PHP code can only be primary fixed by you. Your website user can possess the most advance with high speed computer, but if your server is not up to date with resources, that will be a different case all together.

Since 2016, have been running on PHP 7. It has also set PHP7 as the least necessity for operating self-hosted WordPress.  With an upgrade from PHP 5, notable performance developments acknowledge to its new Zend Engine 3.0. Including:

  • Three time improved site promptness
  • 50% expansion in storage depletion
  • Capability to aid up to three times as many requests/second

Before switching to PHP 7, it is essential that a freelance web designer singapore first check if there exist any compatibility concern with your site since the minutes you upgrade to PHP 7, there is not mechanism to reverse to older version. If your site is not compatible with PHP 7, this could be contributed by inconsistencies in themes and plugins. You can check the compatibility status using the PHP compatibility checker plugin and see which section of your site aren’t compatible with PHP 7 and which are.

The latest version of PHP 7 comes with various features for developer to discover. Such features include:

  • Error handling
  • Space ship operators
  • Type declarations

The most amazing features in the latest version and the thing that will be most appealing to common WordPress user is speed.

PHP 7 has been under active developing for more than a decade. It’s launching happen at a time when in the PHP environment, fresh initiatives like Facebooks Hip-hop Virtual Machine were at the same time intensifying what for decade have been regarded as something not achievable.

PHP is the engine that propel WordPress forward. As such, it essential to update it to the latest version. This will enable you to benefit from an improved speed and security.