The technique and the art of type arrangement are known as typography. Typography is important in web design and is effective in delivering a message. One cannot simply imagine watching TV or using an app or checking out a website without text. When it comes to visual communication, words are as important as graphics. Let’s check out what is typography, along with its importance in web design.

A look at typography and its importance:

  • String of words is called text. On the other hand, the visual element of the text is known as typography. It gets involved when the text is printed. No matter the visual medium, typography is considered important for text to effectively convey the message.
  • Typography helps the readers to understand the importance and the seriousness of the text, along with the size of the font. It also helps the readers to focus on the text and allows the reader to engage in reading the content further. Readers are naturally inclined towards reading content that is read easily.
  • There are various important elements when it comes to typography. Consistency is the first element of ideal typography. It helps the readers to stay focused when reading the content and make the content appear professional. Hierarchy is another important typography element. Without a hierarchy, it would be impossible for a reader to understand what message the text is trying to deliver. For example, when reading a newspaper, the reader will first check out the headline, followed by the reporter’s
  • name and then the content. This helps the readers to get easily guided through the text. The next important element is text alignment. It offers a unified and neat work. Using right or left alignment helps the content to offer the reader with a powerful edge line and offers a sophisticated look to it, compared to centre alignment. Most novice designers tend to choose centre alignment when designing.
  • There are various factors to consider when it comes to typography and design. If you are a new web designer, it’s time to check out the basic books on typography to understand what it is and how it can impact your design. There are also various online free/paid courses on typography that you can consider taking. If you are using the wrong typography for a specific design, chances are, you cannot catch the reader’s attention.
  • It is important to select the fonts that readers can read and understand easily. If you choose the wrong font type, for example, too small or too large ones are difficult to read, no reader will be interested in reading the content. You can include two or more complementary typographies in the design to create an effective impact. Make sure to experiment with fonts and sizes and colours when designing, as this will help you to pick the complimentary ones. When using a typeface, it’s best to know its history, so that you know whether it’s appropriate for your web design. Most importantly, you can use typography to create a brand identity.