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Do you ever wonder why React Native makes everyone react positively to it? Today is your lucky day, because you just discovered what makes it the best app of all times. Read on and get to learn about it.

  • It’s a Resource for native Apps Creation

One of the reasons React Native is so popular compared to other apps is that it is actually a resource for creating other apps such as the native apps for both Android and iOS. The JavaScript library makes React Native a classic app that allows it to create user interfaces for the native development by putting together the best features.

The app is not only good for creating new native apps from the scratch, but can also be used to build further even the native app projects that are already in existence.

  • React Native shares the Native Platform

In as much as everyone wants to present new ideas on the table, they all have a concern about the native platform sharing for their new apps. Well, let not your heart be troubled, all apps created from this power house work just like all other apps that operate on the APIs. React Native creates a permanent link with the native UI platform for your new apps.

Apart from sharing the native platform, it turns out that sharing common technology between any two platforms created has been made much easier. All you need to do is code one platform with a single codebase, which then can be linked to the other platform with the help of easy code transmission between the two. This will in turn make the management of two platforms at the same time easy.

  • Native Development Benefit

Using React Native to build your app enables developers to create apps that are completely native with well-maintained user experience that is uncompromised. With the help of the UI building blocks for the native platform provided by React Native the agnostic features namely view, image and text are also part of the native apps developed.

  • Platform Connectivity by JavaScript

The connectivity between platforms has all been well-established through the use of JavaScript and the declarative paradigm which facilitate the linkage between APIs and the native code. In this instance, React Native has specific features that wrap the native code in existence and create a smooth connectivity between the two platforms.


  • The Uncompromised Speed

Ever heard of native builds completing the process in seconds? That’s exactly how easy making changes to any app project has become with the use of React Native. The app makes it possible and easy for native app developers to make any necessary changes to their projects, save them as well as witness the changes instantly due to the presence of JavaScript power.

In a nutshell, if you ever think of building a native Android or iOS app think of no other way, React Native as the answer. The app is very convenient to use for all native app developments. This is what distinguishes React Native; you build your apps with a difference.