Web development is among the most simplified activities nowadays unlike in the past. Today it is much easier and cheaper, provided you make the best choices on what is workable for you depending on the type and purpose of the website you intend to build. This article will therefore, highlight some of the most important aspects to keep in mind when dealing with Web Design.

It is important for any web developer to understand that web development is undertaken in two major divisions. The first division is the Front-end development, also known as the client-side development. And the second one is known as the back-end development, which is also called the server-side development.

Please don’t feel lost already! The front-end web development is the one that deals with the process of having the website coded using HTML, CSS as well as the JavaScript. It is known as the client-side development as well in the sense that this is what determines the way your web design will be interacting with the users of your website.

Meanwhile, the back-end web development or server-side development deals with how your web design will be able to relate or communicate with the server using various programs. In other words, this deals with the relationship between the browser and the database system. So this is what determines how a particular web design will be working.

Now, when dealing with the back-end web development, it is important to take note of the fact that the basic responsibilities involved at this level include those of making any necessary updates to the programs needed to run the websites created effectively.

Meanwhile, the other responsibility apart from making any necessary changes or updates to the web design, includes that of monitoring the performance of the website as a whole.

It is also important to note that the back-end development involves three major factors to run smoothly. Such include a server, application as well as a database system. This implies that the web developer dealing with the back-end development formulates codes that will be used to pick or capture data from the database to the browser using various programs.

Just like in front-end web development, the back-end development also constitutes of specific programs that are employed to ensure that the website operates effectively. In other words, in back-end development there is equally a specific set of language codes used to keep the website running.

The language codes for the back-end include SQL, PHP, Java, Python, .Net as well as Ruby on Rails. With the help of these programs combined, developers can easily develop the websites that are referred to as dynamic sites. This means that website created to be dynamic can store up information in the database to an extent that it keeps changing as well get upgraded from time to time.

For instance, programs such as Ruby are what developers incorporate in their designs, and this enables business logic to be a present day reality. Speak of calculations of data; they are all products of Ruby. Interestingly, Python does exactly what Ruby does when used in a web design.

In conclusion, becoming or undertaking web development project is such an interesting job. However, getting the best out of it requires that one gets to learn and build a full understanding of the various language codes used in making a distinction between the functionalities of the front-end and the back-end of the website.