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Looking to start a WhatsApp business in Singapore?

With the latest API feature by WhatsApp, it is certainly possible to do so.

You will be able to create a business profile with certain information for your clients such as

  • your business address
  • your business description
  • your business email address
  • your business website


You can create new labels to organize your contacts or chats which makes it easy to find and track your business activities

Automated Messages

Away from business

Similar to an email system, you can create and set a message when you are away from your WhatsApp.

Greeting Messages

To differentiate your business from others, you are able to create a greeting message for your customers. You may also create a customised greeting message using the API (Application Programming Interface).


Common Uses

Check WhatsApp contact lists

Imagine if you have a large database of client phone numbers, what if you wish to target a certain profile of customers? Blasting out a message to all customers will not be ideal for your business. If you wish to target a certain group, you can use programming and together with WhatsApp API you can potentially create groups similar to how email blasting lists works.

Send Messages to Customers

Similar to the above, if you have a long list of WhatsApp customers, you can use the API with programming. A useful scenario would be you have many customers from many countries. With a python program, you can list down all the customers and group them by the country attribute if available. Once you have that group for example Singapore, you can create a customised message just for that Singapore audience and send it via the WhatsApp Business API.






If you are still unsure on how to setup whatsApp business, we can help you do so. Contact wdsg.