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Wix is one of the most popular and famous websites building platforms among the new entrepreneurs just entered into the business looking for expanding their work’s reach. It is quite easily one of the popular choices. It is definitely good for newcomers but can the website build using this website building platform look professional? With all the options given to the users, a little creativity of using templates and selecting the correct designs can make the developed websites professional and efficient. Recently all must have seen a wix advertisement and got pumped up to build your website on your own but sometimes during the actual process, people get knocked of their high seats or have various difficulties to face. To tackle this problem, let’s have a look on some of the websites build on this platform:-


This barbershop used wix to create a website for the not so usual business, and to fulfill all their creative aspirations. The homepage features their brand name’s logo as the centre for attention to attract viewers’ attention because clearly the creative naming is also almost okay for holding people’s attention. The site has one page that displays all the important or desired information for the viewers. The online chat feature allows one to ask a question 24*7 to the website and never go bare handed.


The “Good Feeling Goods” Website is a shopping website with a bag as icon on the top right corner. This is like amazon cart, updating you or letting you know how many items are there in the bags. There is an e-mail address signup option for the users to create their own accounts and shop from the website.


Looking for making an online presence with a stunning portfolio? Go check out Leandro Pedretti’s website. You will sincerely enjoy the portfolios as the images are in grid and you can click on them to know more.


Targeting the customers who are interested in vintage and antique watches, this brand has built an elegant and beautiful website with the assistance of wix. The homepage features a vintique product photograph in the centre with the brand name on the top accompanied by the slogan written down just below the brand name. The aesthetics of the website relies solely on the photography and high quality images provided on the website. It is also an online shopping website providing with product pages, prices and carts.


The motto that everyone desperately wants to be their motto for life but sadly can’t have it. This is a food blog that showcases classic French food recipes. Taking a closer look will let you see the higher rate of images in all the websites and how wix blends in with such demand. The homepage features beautiful pictures of some tasty French (as we hope and what makes sense) cuisines. This blog also has a very awesome recipe gallery that provides users with neat and high quality of foods.

Wix has lots to offer to the world and it’s always a pleasant experience to see such a large amount of successful and fast running websites created by using this website building platform. That being said, wix has it owns limitations and you may want more flexibility. In this case, you may use WordPress which your freelance web designer Singapore is able to help you build.