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Woocoommerce, a website building platform, by woothemes is just another one of WordPress plug in. However, what you will find difficult is to search for a similar plug in with this level of potential that this website has. WooCommerce, launched in late September in 2011 supports a good of the all time growing e-commerce cake, drawing out over 1.6 million downloads from across the globe.

This website building platform offers users with extensive features yet user-friendly and easy to drive experience making it perfect for e-commerce startups to get a feel of the market without a huge dent In their pockets. To further justify the above statements, here are some of the reasons why the coming e-commerce startups aspires must go for WooCommerce –

  1. FREE COST: There’s a hoard of website building platforms out there in the market for those who want to try their hand at the e=commerce or business and have a taste of this ever growing e-commerce’s cake. The only visible drawback is that these platforms usually cost a lot and can leave a high dent on their pockets. All but WooCommerce, it offers all the same services to its user – free of cost.
  2. FLEXIBILITY: Maybe one of the best advantages of this platform is its higher flexibility. New merchants or entrepreneurs can be fickle minded or unclear of what they actually want in their website leading to unsatisfactory results, resulting into constant changes. WooCommerce provides flexibility and ease for doing such changes and get the desired result.
  3. MORE THAN E-COMMERCE: WooCommerce opens the gates wide for the users to show them that it is much more than e-commerce but it does not forces users to go beyond their comfort zone while building their e-commerce setups.
  4. VAST CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS: Being free of cost has not made WooCommerce loose it’s flexibility. It still offers a large variety of options to customize from and to take your online store to a new level. At present, users can choose from 39 different themes many of which are free of cost for the users, using WooThemes Stores.
  5. PROFESSIONAL YET SIMPLE: Even though this is a friendly, user driven website building platform in no way does it points towards being unprofessional. It is a professional online store build in such a way that it keeps users at ease. Detailed order tracking and customer engagement tools which allow traders to view the current status, update it, apply discounts etc. can be found.
  6. ROOM FOR GROWTH: Even though one of the most simplest and easiest to navigate website building platforms, it still offers you constant and all time room for growth and expansion in terms of how you manage your website, platforms, products and customers.
  7. WOO THEMES: Woo themes have been around for a while. One of the reason for it being a preferred website building platforms the woo themes itself! They produce stellar wordpress themes and plugins.

So these are some of the reasons that I have deemed appropriate for you to choose WooCommerce for developing your e-commerce website. If you need a freelance web designer singapore for woocommerce, don’t hesitate to call us.