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Whether you write, paint, sketch or express your creative side in another way, WordPress is a great outlet. This is true whether you’re trying to sell your art or simply want an online venue to display it. Read on for the best ways to utilize this easy-to-use CMS for your creativity.

Writers and Bloggers

Writers can use WordPress in a variety of ways. Ideally, you want readers to pay for your stories – you can do this through WordPress, thanks to their user-friendly WooCommerce option. This is a dedicated e-commerce platform designed by the makers of WordPress. It’s one of the best e-commerce platforms available and is used by large companies and small businesses such as a freelance web designer singapore. With a bit of creative inspiration, you can customize any of the free or premium WordPress themes to sell your hard-copy books, as well as instant download e-books. To keep your fan base engaged, writing a blog on your site is a great way to give readers a sneak peek into future works, your creative process or simple day-to-day inspirations.

Originally a blogging site, WordPress is an ideal and obvious choice for bloggers. Not only will you have a site that’s beautiful to look at, thanks to the thousands of available themes, but you’ll be able to read a broader audience. WordPress is already optimized for SEO, which means that the major search engines will be able to find your blog much more easily.

Visual Artists

Do you paint, sketch, draw, sculpt, carve or otherwise express yourself in a way people can see or touch? If so, you’ll love the flexibility of WordPress. To begin, choose a theme that’s very visually simple – you want your artwork to be the focus, not a pretty background.

WordPress can be used as a virtual gallery, showcasing your work and generating interest. You can display a portfolio and encourage purchases at real-world events – consider creating an email marketing campaign to keep fans abreast of opportunities to purchase your work. If you want to take things to the next level, consider selling via WordPress. WooCommerce makes this an easy process for both you and your customers.


Those who express themselves through consumables – things like soap and body products, handmade toys, knit or crochet items – can find tremendous success through WordPress. While there are many different venues online for selling handmade goods, a WordPress site gives you and your business a more professional appearance. Be sure to let your goods shine instead of a flashy theme, and consider keeping a blog which documents your creative process, highlights new techniques, reviews new ingredients or any other topic which your fans and customers may enjoy.

Stay True to Yourself

Remember that what people love about independent artists is that they are independent! Avoid curbing your creativity in order to appeal to a broader range of potential buyers or fans. The best artists just do their own thing, regardless of what others may think – and their fans love them for it. WordPress gives you all the room you need to stay current, showcase your art and even make money – all while staying true to what inspires you.