WordPress is a popular platform that is presented as a Content Management System that offers interesting services going from website creation to assistance and support. Indeed, this platform offers several plugins that help to perform the best SEO practices in order to make your business more visible. The most famous plugin is the YOAST module which seems to include the most common SEO functionalities. This plugin monitors the website and provides feedback. Working with the YOAST module requires knowing how to read the feedbacks and perform the suggested amendments. If you are unsure, you may check with our freelance web designer Singapore.

About the YOAST plugin:

The YOAST software is associated with the WordPress platform. It is indeed the most comprehensive SEO plugin available. It is highly recommended for WordPress users because of its easy use. The generated results in the optimisation processes are very satisfying and highly efficient, of course, if you implement this plugin and use it properly. Besides, there are two versions of the plugin, a free version which has limited features versus a full-featured premium version.

Components of the YOAST plugin:

The YOAST plugin has several components and each one of them provides a feedback regarding an SEO aspect. The YOAST components are mainly:

  • Keywords monitor: keywords monitor is a module that handles calculating keywords densities within the document. You have to specify the keywords and then the module will provide you with a score and feedback about the keyword occurrence and distribution. The free version allows 1 focus keyword; the premium version allows synonyms and many focus keywords.
  • Link monitor: this module checks the internal linking efficiency of the website. In fact, the module can check specific words for their linking susceptibility with other documents of the website. The feature is available for premium users.
  • Tags monitor: this monitor has the duty of checking the tags like image tag for “alt” values and the meta tags for accurate description length.
  • Update manager: the premium version offers the possibility of updating the software to comply with the Google algorithm updates. This will avoid outdated performance.


Reading feedbacks and applying changes:

The use of the YOAST plugin is based on understanding the feedbacks and applying suggested amendments.

  • Regarding keywords: There is a keyword checker zone; it contains a field for focus keyword. Once typed and launched, the plugin will check the way you’ve used the entered keywords within the document. This includes its occurrence in the first paragraph, in the title, and in the subheadings, as well as its overall density.
  • Regarding the tags: The plugin will tell if the tags are set to comply with the Google search algorithm and will suggest clear amendments, like shorter descriptions or adding “alt” values.



The plugin can check the document and tell if it is read easily. It can suggest some amendments to obtain the highest readability score. The system uses color lights (funny) that go from red (bad), yellow (average) and green (good). This, indeed, will ensure the efficient compliance with the Google engine.