Web Hosting Singapore

Web Hosting Singapore

Are you looking for a web hosting in Singapore for your company? You have come to the right place. In this review, we will provide as much details as possible for you to decide which company to choose. Based on experience, large hosting companies in the USA gave us poor experience in terms of speed and uptime. Ever since we’ve change our own web hosting to a Singapore host, we no longer worry about downtimes or speeds. Everything just works fine.

For most companies in Singapore, you will mostly likely be using a WordPress hosting Singapore plan.

Based on past experience, we have shortlisted 2 Singapore hosts that are reliable and have passed all our criterias to be the best web hosts in Singapore.

The 2 Companies are Vodien & Siteground.

Our Criterias are:

  • Company Background
  • Pricing
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Server Locations
  • Software
  • Physical Presence

List of Singapore hosts

a) Vodien Internet Solutions

Company Background:

Vodien was founded by Alvin Poh & John Jervis Lee in 2002 where it started off as a graphics design, web design and development company before it transitioned into a web hosting business.

In August 2005, that’s where the company decided to focus solely on the web hosting business and dropping other services provided.

The company found its success via web hosting services and was bought by Dreamscape in 2017 for $29.67 million.

From Dreamscape’s corporate website, you still can see that John Jervis Lee is still working as a Vodien COO. And Alvin Poh has left the web hosting business in 2018 according to this link.

Also, i found out that Vodien purchased Webvisions, the shared hosting division of ICONZ-Webvisions (iWV) in May 2018. No wonder, i couldn’t log into my webvision account.

More can be read on wikipedia.

The actual domain name was bought in 26 April 2002 according to whois records.

Usually in company takeovers, the company that was taken over will have change of culture and services will be affected negatively.

However from experience, the level of service is still intact since before they were taken over.

This may be because the management team was retained such as the Vodien COO is still the co-founder John Jervis Lee. It is assuring that Vodien retains its level of support which it is famous for.

Pricing & Features

Web Hosting

This is a screenshot from Vodien’s website on 5 Feb 2019.

* These are metrics when one fully utilise the given number of websites

Which one should you choose?

If you are a business owner that only need 1 website and your business does not involve many photos and videos uploads, i would recommend webValue plan as you only have 1 website to host and 15GB of space is more than enough for your needs at this point in time.

What exactly is Unlimited data transfer?

From Vodien’s blog post, and i quote:

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred through a website in a given time, usually measured per second. It is used to quantify the amount of traffic and data allowed to transmit between your website and visitors through the Internet.

So in this case, bandwidth is the potential amount of data but not the actual data transferred. It is a just a rough estimate.

On the other hand, data transfer refers to the actual amount of data transferred between two computers or the traffic generated. So, bandwidth is the rate of data transfer for a given device or computer.

After reading this blog post, unlimited data transfer would mean i have unlimited actual amount of data transferred within the boundaries of unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited would probably mean your website will not be down if there is a flood of traffic on your website.


Vodien provides a 30-Day money back guarantee on selected hosting plans.

From their web page:

Within the first 30 days of our service, you may request for a 100% refund of your Web Hosting fees. This offer is only applicable to the following Web Hosting services: webValuewebPluswebExpertwebElite, and webUltimate..


  • Weekly remote backup for your files and folder
    • Automatic
    • In case you screw up your own website, Vodien backs you up for a week which is not too bad but i would prefer a daily backup.
  • 99.9% network uptime guarantee, unlimited sub and parked domains.


  • Vodien claims to have an in-house 24/7 SuperSupport Team such as live chat, email, phone number and remote help.
  • 6-hour resolution time guaranteed for common issues! 
    • I’m not sure where can you find a web host that can fix your problem in 6 hours guarantee time.
    • I think common issues would be issues already stated in their knowledge base which includes quite a fair bit of advanced issues already.

Live Chat

Obviously, it’s impossible to test this out unless you wrote a script to check their live chat support 24/7.

But to support my queries on Chinese New Year day is impressive. That is an actual person answering my enquiries. Whoever this person is, thank you for answering my lame questions during a national public holiday.

With my experience, the support person has adequate knowledge of Vodien’s system. It is definitely much better than other USA based hosts where live chat support teams are farmed out to third world countries.


By experience, if the live chat support is unable to handle your request if it’s too technical they will open a ticket for you.

There are in some instances in the past where they request you to email them directly.

Here are some of the emails:




They have a responsive ticketing system when you email these emails, you’ll receive a notification that a ticket has been opened. And someone will respond to you within a few working days.

Phone Number

Tel: +6569147888

Their phone number is Singapore based and also uses an automated system that you’ll be familiar when you call any support numbers in Singapore.

Knowledge Base

Vodien has also their own knowledge base that contains frequently asked questions over the lifetime of their business which is more than a decade if you consider 2005 as their starting point.

To be honest, their live chat support is so responsive that i have not tried their knowledgebase. There are also goldmine information that web designers can learn from in their knowledge base such as using Gsuites with CPanel.

Video Tutorials

This is an impressive learning resource for any beginners. I’m really impressed by Vodien’s depth of resources as i research more. After watching a few videos, i notice that the voiceover is by a real person and not a robot reading text that you see on YouTube videos. However, this can be further improved if it was read by a Singaporean to add a personal touch.

Note: you will need to install adobe flash player before watching the videos.

Free Setup & Transfer

For most beginners, website migration is the most stressful part as any downtime or email problems can affect your business. Handling it yourself puts a lot of pressure on you.

Vodien provides a free setup & transfer from your existing host. From experience, they will do checks and verify your ownership from the previous host. They will provide a fixed time for migration.


  • Free migration is only for your first website.
  • Free email migration services for the first 5 email accounts
  • You can read more on their page


Usually, web hosts provide promotions such as coupon codes during festive events. These information are usually found on their Facebook Page.

Server Location(s)

Vodien’s server locations are located on these premises:

Vodien Data Centre 1
Changi Singapore
30 Changi North Way
Singapore 498814
Vodien Data Centre 2
50 Yishun Industrial Park A
Level 3
Singapore 768725
As your website are hosted on these servers, you will be guaranteed a Singapore IP address. This is a ranking factor for SEO benefits.
If i need to serve USA customers, are they able to visit my website?
Yes, looking at Vodien’s network on this link. There are servers owned by Vodien worldwide. This allows Vodien to distribute your content worldwide.


  • CPanel is the de facto web hosting control panel where everything you need in web hosting is found there.
  • To support beginners, Vodien provides 80 Free premium WordPress themes and plugins so that you don’t have to splurge on expensive themes and plugins. Although that might be true, i prefer paying for themes/plugins that have premium support. And i’m not sure if Vodien provides that since they are focused on their hosting business.
  • Domain based email is supported which means you can have sales@company-name.com instead of using your personal Gmails/Yahoo accounts.
  • 400+ apps installers include WordPress, Magento, Drupal & popular website creation apps.

Physical Presence

Vodien has an office located here:

Vodien Internet Solutions Pte Ltd
3 Irving Road
#09-01 Tai Seng Centre
Singapore 369522

Customers prefer web hosts that have a physical presence in Singapore for accountability.

It shows that the web host is committed to serve Singapore customers and proves they do have an in-house support team.

Disclaimer: as this research was last done on 1 mar 2019, prices are subjected to change by the various companies that their own discretion.

Comments on social media and forum are not taken into consideration because they may or may not be actual customers and should be taken lightly.

b) Siteground

Company Background

Based on wikipedia, it was founded by 4 university friends in Bulgaria which is in Europe. There is no mention of the 4 friends on their about page. But there seems to be 500+ employees which is a decent amount for a web hosting company.


The GrowBig plan which is approximately SGD$8++.

Money Back Guarantee

30 Days No Questions Asked


  • Dalily remote backup for your files and folder
    • Automatic
    • In case you screw up your own website, Siteground backs you up for a day.
    • 99.99% network uptime guarantee, unlimited sub and parked domains.


Siteground has changed recently so that the live chat is not accessible by non users. So now, you

have to login to contact support.

Server Locations

USA, Netherlands, Singapore, UK


  • PHP 7
  • Cpanel

Physical Presence

They do not have offices in Singapore.



If you care about a company that has a physical presence in Singapore, choose Vodien!

If you need a company that supports you well in live chat, choose Vodien!

If you need a cheaper option, choose Siteground!

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